About Me

I have two adorable children, a six year-old son and four year-old daughter and, together with my husband Craig, we live in a very fun and busy house in New Jersey. I love to believe that I am an upbeat, fun, creative and loving person with passion for learning languages, traveling, arts, and birth. My family means the world for me and I hope with all my heart that I am making a wonderful home for them.

I have always been intrigued by pregnancy and birth and I could not wait for this special moment in my life to come. Unfortunately, my first birth did not go according to the plan. After a long and painful labor in a cold and too busy hospital where nobody took time to care about me, I delivered my son feeling very little of the elation and pride I was waiting for. Instead I felt disappointed and let down. Not wanting to repeat my mistake, I made sure none of this happened again when I became pregnant with my daughter. She came into the world in the presence of a wonderful midwife and my husband and I cannot describe the incredible feeling of completeness after a safe and calm birth as I always wanted.

After my children were born, I truly understood how special the event of pregnancy and birth is, how it transforms you, makes a new person out of you, how it changes you forever and how fragile it is. I wanted to be there to support families on their extraordinary journeys, I wanted to be there to preserve the memories of a changing body in a piece of artwork and I wanted to be there to capture the birth of a family through a camera lens.

The following are images of me supporting an incredible woman through her labor and birth. These images are shared with permission and are property of ESO  Photography.