Birth Doula Services

The birth of a baby is a true miracle that a mother and father will remember forever. It can also be unnecessarily frightening, painful, and stressful.  In the hospital, the medical staff will perform the essential functions necessary to limit risk and promote a safe and expeditious birth.  Very often, however, parents and babies can benefit from the presence of someone whose sole interest is in improving their overall experience.  Birth doulas provide continuous physical and emotional support for women and their partners.  They help reduce stress by keeping mothers informed and prepared; they help manage pain through positioning and massage; they foster the involvement of partners and help focus their efforts.  Birth doulas place their undivided attention on you, and will improve your comfort and safety through a wealth of experience and training.

I became a doula because I am fascinated with the miracle of birth and I find great reward in assisting in the event.  I love to witness the way it transforms women and their partners.  I am in awe of women’s strength, and my goal is to support and empower them and their partners on the amazing journey to parenthood.

My Vision and Key Beliefs About Birth

I believe that the birth of a child is an amazing, exciting and a wonderful experience that is normal and healthy. This experience will have a deep effect on the mother and her family and will never be forgotten.

Women intuitively know how to labor and give birth, yet it is commonplace for these intuitions to be ignored.  Supporting a woman in labor means helping her to follow her intuition and trust her inner wisdom.

Fathers are the most important people for mothers in labor.

Every woman has the right to bring a child into the world in a supportive and caring environment that is free of unnecessary medical intervention. Modern medicine is the reason why more women have successful births than anytime in history, however there is a growing trend of medical staff urging women to invoke medical measures in the name of expediency.  Information should be presented to women and their partners in the most understandable and unbiased manner, such they may make informed decisions.

Knowledge and education empowers women to make informed choices, to assume responsibility for themselves and their babies and to have confidence in their intuition.

 Birth Doula Care

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