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As a doula, I believe that birthing children is one of the most incredible miracles in a woman’s life. Being prepared, knowing what will happen and how to deal with it gives women the advantage and opportunity to decide what they want. But having a child is also a miraculous experience for the woman’s partner. I became a doula to support families and help them achieve during this adventure. As a doula, I offer resources to encourage both the mother and the partner to make educated choices and to be advocates for themselves and for their child. I provide information, support, guidance, and encouragement to help to achieve a wonderful birth experience.

I became a doula because I am fascinated with the miracle of birth and I find great reward in assisting in the event.  I love to witness the way it transforms women and their partners.  I am in awe of women’s strength, and my goal is to support and empower them and their partners on the amazing journey to parenthood.

 I love to meet with each interested client for a free consultation. It is an opportunity to meet, discuss the services that may be provided, and to get to know one another and to decide whether we are a good match.  I will answer any questions you may have about my philosophy, training, experience, and anything else.

Once I am hired I will provide:

1 to 2 Prenatal Visits – During this time, we will work together on getting you and your partner ready for your labor and birth. Together we will explore your perspective and expectations for your childbirth as well as any concerns and fears. In detail, we will address what happens in labor to help you understand and trust your body.  We will discuss and practice various relaxation and pain-coping strategies and birthing positions. We will also help you prioritize your wishes and assist in preparing a birth plan.

Unlimited phone support.

24/7 on-call service with a back-up support from our network of partner birth doulas.

Unlimited Labor and Birth support – We will provide continuous and uninterrupted support from the moment you feel you need it.  We will do our best to achieve a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your birth by helping you to communicate with the medical staff, supplying information about what is happening to you and your baby, suggesting positions and pain coping strategies, and by providing emotional support and encouragement for both mom and her partner.

Immediate postpartum support – After the birth, we will stay with you for one to two hours to help you bond with your new baby and provide immediate support with breastfeeding.

1 Postpartum Visit – Within two weeks after the birth of your baby we will meet with you to check on your well-being and  to reflect on and evaluate your birth experience. We will be available to answer any questions over the phone and provide you with information and referrals you may need regarding postpartum and breastfeeding.

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Some Nice Things my Clients Have Said:


“Alice conveys such strength and calm during labor.  At no point did I feel afraid or alone.  I truly believe that the success of my labor was due in great part to her support and I look back at the birth of my child in complete wonderment.  Plus, she gives a great back massage when you need it most!”


“Selfless. Strong. Sweet. Patient. Genuine. These are words that immediately spring to my mind when I think of Alice, my doula. I felt totally comfortable with her from our very first meeting, and she was my angel and source of strength during a long and difficult two-day labor at the home birth of my daughter. She never left my side, never let me get discouraged, never showed any signs of the exhaustion that she must have been feeling after hours and hours of supporting me physically and emotionally. Her attitude was undyingly positive. I sense that for Alice, becoming a doula was not just a career choice, but a true calling. She was meant for this, and my husband and I feel absolutely blessed to have had her there at the most important time of our lives.”

-Katie Rosa Marchese of Nyack, NY (Alice of Sweet Births attended the home birth of my daughter on September 26, 2011.)

“Even prior to finding out that we were pregnant, my husband and I always wanted to have a natural childbirth. We were overcome with joy when we found out that we were pregnant and could not wait for our journey to begin, the way we wanted it to be— natural and drug free. In order to facilitate this desire, we hired a midwife and we took Bradley method classes to effectively prepare us. When the day of the actual labor took place,  the midwife and Bradley method classes were very helpful however nothing was more helpful that having Alice by our side as a doula. She was extremely reassuring, effectively coached the two of us and used tried and true pain management techniques to help me deal with the contractions during my 12 long hours in the hospital.
Not only did she help me tremendously, but my husband re-aggravated a back injury while I was midway through labor and was in a great deal of pain. However, Alice quickly used manual therapy techniques and completely eliminated his pain and thus allowed him to be by my side to comfort me through each contraction.
Both my husband and I agree that Alice was like an Angel sent to us and without her we don’t know if we would have been able to achieve our goal of giving birth naturally.Whether you are contemplating a natural childbirth or not, I highly recommend having Alice by your side! Labor is a once in a lifetime experience and having the right doula by your side will definitely make the experience less painful and more memorable.
Alice will forever hold a special place in our heart for the wonderful job she did and for helping us make our dream come true. When our little daughter gets older, she will know that Alice played a big part in bringing her to this world!”

-Raquel Parada, North Arlington, NJ