Birth of Baby C ~ NJ Birth Photography

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby C

When I was asked last spring to photograph a fellow birth doula’s birth, I became really excited. It is always an honor to support one of our own, but I also felt immediately that there will be more to this birth than I could at that moment understand.

Over the next few months, I got to know and love this beautiful woman. I watched her make plans for her baby’s arrival, then change her plans as her baby decided to make her entrance in a different manner, I watched her work so hard on accepting that her baby will arrive in a hospital and not at her home. I watched her to transform into an incredibly strong mother, filled with love and determination and courage. When the time came for her little angel to come, she, her husband and her team worked so beautifully together, respecting her wishes, instincts and her body and making this birth to be as magical as it could possible be.

I have loved every minute of photographing this birth, I love that I have the opportunity to share this intimate moment that portrays how strong women are, how amazing becoming a dad is, how a great asupport of a respectful midwife and doula can change your birth experience and how beautiful and transformative birth is for all that are part of.  Me including.

Congratulations to this beautiful new family!

This family was supported by a beautiful doula Jess Larsen and wonderful midwife Lonnie Morris of The Childbirth and Women’s Wellness Center. This amazing mama is a doula herself and you can find her at Mother Birth & Baby.


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