Birth of Baby I ~ NJ Birth Photography

Birth of Baby I ~ NJ Birth Photography

I believe that things happen for a reason and this birth was a perfect example. I attended this birth as an assistant to Sabine LaBonne, a wonderful midwife of Homebirth Into Being, and not as a doula, nor as a birth photographer. The day this baby was born me and Sabine and many other wonderful birth professionals gathered at a  Symposium discussing and planning improving birth outcomes in New Jersey. The phone call came as we were leaving full of energy and heighten passion for change and there did not seem any better place to be at the moment than at a birthing mother’s side. And this birth proved to be all that we could hope for. The beautiful mother labored surrounded by her loved ones, following her body and instincts and bringingt her baby into the world in the most calm, undisrupted, respectful and excited environment. While I wasn’t there as a birth photographer, I had my camera with me and was able to capture their story as much as my other responsibilities allowed. I am so grateful to be able to share their images as well as their birth story and empower other women to seek  the birth they want and should have.

“A birth story I’ll always remember!
My son was having a play date and i was enjoying the midday adult time with my friend Amy. About 1:30pm i mentioned things were feeling different then the Braxton hicks I was experiencing the last week. We decided to take mental note and continue playing.
I was arranging blocks for my new quilt i was making, talking to Amy while the boys were busy playing.
By 2:30 we started tracking 10 minutes apart about 25 seconds long. By 4:00 they were 6 minutes apart, lasting longer and i was needing to take breaks. I started making my calls letting my team know to be ready to leave. Guy was in Jersey City doing a tattoo. Sabine,my midwife was getting back from a conference and Christine my doula was around the corner busy with her life. Oh did I mention my due date wasn’t until April 6th!
So needless to say we weren’t ready
. My bedroom was a mess and needed to be rearranged, the pool needed to be set up and so many other things.
By 5:30 contractions were under 4 minutes apart and over 1 minute long! Running around in-between contractions to set things up with the help of Amy, couldn’t have been done with out you! we got things set up as best we could.
Christine got here at 6, Guy showed up shortly after and Sabine was here about 7 with her wonderful assistants Alice. I was in the tub about 7:15 and contractions were on top of each other and intense. I felt the baby move a pop in my belly and a swish – my water broke while i was in the tub! I think it was just after 8:00 and I said I needed to push. Four pushes later and out came a little baby girl!”



It was a real privilege to work alongside such wonderful women as Sabine LaBonne and Christine Fitzgerald, an amazing doula, and be part of this beautiful birth team that surrounded and supported this incredible mama and witness this miracle.


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