Birth of Baby S ~ NJ Birth Photography

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby S

I met this wonderful family completely by accident last fall. I was waiting for an appointment with Lonnie Morris, a midwife who cares for a lot of my doula and photography mamas and I started chatting with an expectant mom sitting next to me. She had the cutest little boy following her around. They were just adorable together!

Because I cannot help myself, we started chatting about her upcoming birth and her plans and since I was clutching my photo books in my hands, our conversation went to birth photography. I found out that this mama loved the idea of having her baby girl’s birth photographer and in the next few minutes, right there and then, we made a plan for me to capture her birth.

In the next few months, I became very friendly and very fond of this bubbly young woman, her little boy, her husband and her mom. They seemed to be a unit, always together, always supporting each other. I could not wait for this birth, for the opportunity to witness and capture this family’s journey to welcoming another member.

It was in the morning, a few days after New Year, when I got the call. I packed my gear and met the family in the ER. They were all that I though they would be – caring, loving, supporting, enveloping.. And the mom? She was amazing! She walked, she rocked, she squatted, she showered, she just rocked the birth. With her adoring husband, her mom and her son, her beautiful and supporting midwife, she brought her perfect little girl into this world. The joy in the room was overwhelming and infectious, and I found myself sniffling with emotion. What a perfect, perfect birth!

I walked home feeling so light and happy, not only because I witnessed another miracle, but also because I walked home several friends richer. I cannot be more grateful for being at the right time at the right place and for the opportunity to now share this beautiful birth story.

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