Birth of Baby C – NJ Birth Photography

Birth of Baby C – NJ Birth Photography

I met this couple last fall when they were looking for a doula to support them during labor and birth  and a birth photographer to document their journey. It was not even few minutes into our conversation when we found so many connections in our lives, from family members, friends and work environment. It just felt like it was meant to be!

Through working prenatally  with them I had the opportunity to spend time with them and get to know them more and I just fell in love with this sweet, down to earth couple. I was so excited to be able to be there for them when time came.

And it just turned out that the baby decided to come when I was at the Prudential Center cheering for New Jersey Devils. I had my bag and all equipment with me so I just jumped in the car and met the couple in the hospital. The mama was laboring beautifully, already in active labor and I knew it was not going to be long before this little baby arrived. The dad was amazingly supportive as well as her midwife Lonnie Morris of The Childbirth Center in Clifton, NJ and a team of nurses. With the help of Lonnie, mama brought her baby out into the world and onto her chest and into the arms of her and her husbands. The beauty of the moment was so overwhelming, that several of us in the rooms were wiping tears from our eyes.

It was a real honor to witness, support and document this miracle!


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Birth of Baby I ~ NJ Birth Photography

Birth of Baby I ~ NJ Birth Photography

I believe that things happen for a reason and this birth was a perfect example. I attended this birth as an assistant to Sabine LaBonne, a wonderful midwife of Homebirth Into Being, and not as a doula, nor as a birth photographer. The day this baby was born me and Sabine and many other wonderful birth professionals gathered at a  Symposium discussing and planning improving birth outcomes in New Jersey. The phone call came as we were leaving full of energy and heighten passion for change and there did not seem any better place to be at the moment than at a birthing mother’s side. And this birth proved to be all that we could hope for. The beautiful mother labored surrounded by her loved ones, following her body and instincts and bringingt her baby into the world in the most calm, undisrupted, respectful and excited environment. While I wasn’t there as a birth photographer, I had my camera with me and was able to capture their story as much as my other responsibilities allowed. I am so grateful to be able to share their images as well as their birth story and empower other women to seek  the birth they want and should have.

“A birth story I’ll always remember!
My son was having a play date and i was enjoying the midday adult time with my friend Amy. About 1:30pm i mentioned things were feeling different then the Braxton hicks I was experiencing the last week. We decided to take mental note and continue playing.
I was arranging blocks for my new quilt i was making, talking to Amy while the boys were busy playing.
By 2:30 we started tracking 10 minutes apart about 25 seconds long. By 4:00 they were 6 minutes apart, lasting longer and i was needing to take breaks. I started making my calls letting my team know to be ready to leave. Guy was in Jersey City doing a tattoo. Sabine,my midwife was getting back from a conference and Christine my doula was around the corner busy with her life. Oh did I mention my due date wasn’t until April 6th!
So needless to say we weren’t ready
. My bedroom was a mess and needed to be rearranged, the pool needed to be set up and so many other things.
By 5:30 contractions were under 4 minutes apart and over 1 minute long! Running around in-between contractions to set things up with the help of Amy, couldn’t have been done with out you! we got things set up as best we could.
Christine got here at 6, Guy showed up shortly after and Sabine was here about 7 with her wonderful assistants Alice. I was in the tub about 7:15 and contractions were on top of each other and intense. I felt the baby move a pop in my belly and a swish – my water broke while i was in the tub! I think it was just after 8:00 and I said I needed to push. Four pushes later and out came a little baby girl!”



It was a real privilege to work alongside such wonderful women as Sabine LaBonne and Christine Fitzgerald, an amazing doula, and be part of this beautiful birth team that surrounded and supported this incredible mama and witness this miracle.


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Birth of Baby S ~ NJ Birth Photography

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby S

I met this wonderful family completely by accident last fall. I was waiting for an appointment with Lonnie Morris, a midwife who cares for a lot of my doula and photography mamas and I started chatting with an expectant mom sitting next to me. She had the cutest little boy following her around. They were just adorable together!

Because I cannot help myself, we started chatting about her upcoming birth and her plans and since I was clutching my photo books in my hands, our conversation went to birth photography. I found out that this mama loved the idea of having her baby girl’s birth photographer and in the next few minutes, right there and then, we made a plan for me to capture her birth.

In the next few months, I became very friendly and very fond of this bubbly young woman, her little boy, her husband and her mom. They seemed to be a unit, always together, always supporting each other. I could not wait for this birth, for the opportunity to witness and capture this family’s journey to welcoming another member.

It was in the morning, a few days after New Year, when I got the call. I packed my gear and met the family in the ER. They were all that I though they would be – caring, loving, supporting, enveloping.. And the mom? She was amazing! She walked, she rocked, she squatted, she showered, she just rocked the birth. With her adoring husband, her mom and her son, her beautiful and supporting midwife, she brought her perfect little girl into this world. The joy in the room was overwhelming and infectious, and I found myself sniffling with emotion. What a perfect, perfect birth!

I walked home feeling so light and happy, not only because I witnessed another miracle, but also because I walked home several friends richer. I cannot be more grateful for being at the right time at the right place and for the opportunity to now share this beautiful birth story.

For more information about midwifery care and Lonnie Morris please visit


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Birth of Baby C ~ NJ Birth Photography

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby C

When I was asked last spring to photograph a fellow birth doula’s birth, I became really excited. It is always an honor to support one of our own, but I also felt immediately that there will be more to this birth than I could at that moment understand.

Over the next few months, I got to know and love this beautiful woman. I watched her make plans for her baby’s arrival, then change her plans as her baby decided to make her entrance in a different manner, I watched her work so hard on accepting that her baby will arrive in a hospital and not at her home. I watched her to transform into an incredibly strong mother, filled with love and determination and courage. When the time came for her little angel to come, she, her husband and her team worked so beautifully together, respecting her wishes, instincts and her body and making this birth to be as magical as it could possible be.

I have loved every minute of photographing this birth, I love that I have the opportunity to share this intimate moment that portrays how strong women are, how amazing becoming a dad is, how a great asupport of a respectful midwife and doula can change your birth experience and how beautiful and transformative birth is for all that are part of.  Me including.

Congratulations to this beautiful new family!

This family was supported by a beautiful doula Jess Larsen and wonderful midwife Lonnie Morris of The Childbirth and Women’s Wellness Center. This amazing mama is a doula herself and you can find her at Mother Birth & Baby.


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NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby L

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby L

Two years years ago I had the pleasure to support a wonderful young couple through the birth of their second baby. Nothing could make me more excited than a phone call from them in them last spring that another beautiful baby was on her way. This time, I would not only support this family as a doula, but would also document this miraculous journey for them as a birth photographer.

I received a phone call from the dad in the early morning hours and knew right away it was time to go. I met them in the hospital, where they already labored. Only a few short hours later, a gorgeous baby girl arrived into the arms of two excited parents.

It is always an honor to witness the miracle of birth, but being able to be part of a birth story where the wishes of the parents are heard and respected, where there is place for and acknowledgment of instincts and the true nature of birth, where love and hard work meet support and trust is a real privilege. It is my hope that being able to share these beautiful stories, empowers mothers and families to seek the birth experience they desire.

This family was cared for by the wonderful Avalon Midwives and this gorgeous baby was born in Morristown Memorial Hospital.


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New Jersey Birth Photography ~ Home Birth of Baby L

New Jersey Birth Photography ~ Home Birth Photography

There is something really special about photographing a beautiful home birth and I am so happy that I was able to offer my birth photography to this incredible New Jersey family. The calm, the peace, the serenity, and the incredible women power – the strong mother, the amazing calm midwife, the loving and supportive doula. It is always such an honor to witness and capture this magical moment.

This birth was even more special, because not only I got a chance to witness and incredible miracle, but because I worked alongside with my doula partner Gail Cirlin-Lazerus of Mother’s Intuition. As a doula as well, I find it at times difficult to be in the role of a birth photographer, especially if the birthing mom does not have a doula supporting her and her partner. I often have to fight the urge to step in and start making suggestions or plainly putting the camera down and starting to massage the tired muscles or turning the lights down.

Photographing a birth supported by a doula and my friend was a great pleasure. We were a team and the mom knew it. And it worked fabulously!

Thank you for sharing these images and congratulations! You were amazing!

For more information about this wonderful home birth midwife visit

And fore more information about Gail visit


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Birth of Baby D ~ NJ Birth Photography

Sometimes babies do not arrive as we expect them to. Babies choose their time and the way they enter the world and it is not always easy for the parents to come to terms with it, especially when they tried so so hard to have the birth of their dreams. At those time, I am eternally grateful to birth photography, since it really has the power to capture the beautiful emotions of meeting your baby for the first time when these moments are otherwise  easily lost in the whirlwind of changes, fear and disappointment.

This beautiful family was so strong, working so hard to make their baby arrive safely into their arms and I am so honored I was able to support them as well as capture their journey.


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NJ Birth Photography ~ The Home Birth of Baby B – The Slideshow

The newest addition to  my NJ Birth Photography portfolio is this amazing birth slideshow! I cannot stop thinking about this birth. Not only I loved to be there to support the mother and father and to capture their baby’s arrival, but I once again witnessed the incredible strength women possess while bringing their babies into the world and the amazing support and care midwives offer to their families. The result is a beautiful, calm, emotional and respectful birth, one, that will make a lifelong difference in everybody’s lives. I am so fortunate to be allowed to these private moments and to have the opportunity to capture them. I also cannot thank enough this beautiful family for allowing me to share their story with the world. What an inspiration you are to so many women! Thank you and congratulations!


If you are interested in more information about home birth, please visit this amazing New Jersey midwife Vicki Hedley’s web site at Seventh Moon Homebirth Midwifer Services.

For more information about birth photography and my services please visit my Photography page.

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NJ Birth Photography ~ Home Birth of Baby B

I love home birth! Every time I am hired to do birth photography at home, I get so excited! I love the peace, the calm and spiritual atmosphere that surrounds the birthing family. I love how birth unfolds naturally and takes its own path,  sweeping the family along. This NJ home birth was just like that. Serene and beautiful and charged with love and courage and devotion. What an incredible honor to witness it! Congratulations on your beautiful new family and thank you for allowing me to capture this miracle for you!

For more information on NJ Birth Photography by Sweet Births please visit

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Sweet Beginning for Baby K~ NJ Newborn Photography

I always love the opportunity to meet the families whose births I document a little bit later for a newborn photography session. This family invited me back to capture some precious moments between the big sister and a little brother. It was so beautiful to witness the first moments the siblings and the whole family had together.


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