Birth Slideshows

Birth is such a magical moment and having a birth photographer to capture this fleeting moment of transformation into a family is priceless. Thank you so much to all the families that allowed me to share their stories and empower women and their partners to seek a beautiful birth.

Following videos are short versions of the original slideshows I created for my families.


Birth of Baby C – This is one of the most beautiful and emotion filled births I had the opportunity to photograph. I was a doula and a photographer for this gorgeous family and their journey is a true inspiration to so many couples. Supported by a wonderful midwife Lonnie Morris of The Chilbirth Center in Clifton, NJ this birth was more than the family could imagine.


Home Birth of Baby I – The beauty and dignity with which this littler angel arrived and the love and excitement with which the parents welcomed her was out of this world. With family and a beautiful midwife Sabinne LaBonne of Homebirth Into Being this birth was one of the most beautiful I have ever attended.


Birth of Baby S – Older siblings make such a special part of their little baby brother’s or sister’s arrival. This family welcomed their bright eyed baby girl in the big brother’s presence and under a supportive care of Lonnie Morris of The Childbirth Center.


Birth of Baby C – This birth story is special to me. I have witnessed and documented an incredible strength, love and determination of this couple and exceptional support, understanding and respect of their midwife Lonnie Morris of The Childbirth Center in Clifton, NJ. This sweet baby could not have arrived into more excited arms!


Birth of Baby S – Women are incredibly strong and being a witness of their transformation to mothers and to their courage and love with which they bring life to this world is a real privilege. Being able to support this woman as her doula and document her incredible journey and to be able to share it was a real honor.


Birth of Baby E – This is a story of a beautiful, gentle arrival of baby E. I wasn’t allowed to the operating room and the images of this  family centered c-section were taken by the dad. I reunited with them in the recovery and was able to document the first moments of cuddling with their new baby and later the arrival of a big brother and meeting with the big brother.


 Birth of Baby M – This is a story of the arrival of baby M. These beautiful parents worked so hard to bring their baby into this world. They were rewarded with the sweet little angel landing in their arms.


Birth of Baby D – The arrival of this gorgeous baby was one of the most touching moments that I have had the opportunity to capture. The journey to becoming parents was so tough for this couple and they faced one obstacle after another with such strength and bravery and with hearts full of love. It was a real honor to have met them and to share their story.


Home birth of Baby B – beautiful and inspiring home birth.


Birth of Baby D – a sweet and emotional  story of baby D’s arrival.


Homebirth of Baby K – a gorgeous home birth supported by Vicki Hedley of Seventh Moon Homebirth Midwifery.


From one of my first photography clients, an example of the slideshow I can provide from a birth photography session. The Birth of Baby S!


A beautiful family centered caesarean birth  – The Birth of Baby E