NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby L

NJ Birth Photography ~ Birth of Baby L

Two years years ago I had the pleasure to support a wonderful young couple through the birth of their second baby. Nothing could make me more excited than a phone call from them in them last spring that another beautiful baby was on her way. This time, I would not only support this family as a doula, but would also document this miraculous journey for them as a birth photographer.

I received a phone call from the dad in the early morning hours and knew right away it was time to go. I met them in the hospital, where they already labored. Only a few short hours later, a gorgeous baby girl arrived into the arms of two excited parents.

It is always an honor to witness the miracle of birth, but being able to be part of a birth story where the wishes of the parents are heard and respected, where there is place for and acknowledgment of instincts and the true nature of birth, where love and hard work meet support and trust is a real privilege. It is my hope that being able to share these beautiful stories, empowers mothers and families to seek the birth experience they desire.

This family was cared for by the wonderful Avalon Midwives and this gorgeous baby was born in Morristown Memorial Hospital.


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