Birth Photography FAQ

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Why should I hire a birth photographer?

One of the best reasons to hire a birth photographer is that a birth photographer can capture your whole birth story. You may think that you will be able to catch all the important moments on your camera, or count on your support team or nurses to snap good pictures of you, but the truth is that your mind will be on much more important things at that time.  Later on, you may be disappointed to discover that your collection of snapshots is missing some of the most important moments, or that the images do not capture the moment as you remembered it.  A birth photographer is an experienced storyteller who will capture and recount your birth story through beautiful images.

How much does it cost?

Less than you might expect!  Please call or email for more information

on fees and special promotions.

What exactly is included in your Birth Photography package?

Birth Photography package includes:

– a free of charge interview

– 24/7 on-call availability from two weeks prior to your due date

– unlimited time at birth from active labor until 1-2 hours postpartum

– DVD with edited high resolution images suitable for printing at your convenience

– slideshow set to music of your choice

When do you come to a birth and how long will you stay?

I will join you when you are in active labor, around 5 cm. I will stay with you throughout the entire labor until your baby is born and 1-2 hours postpartum to capture the first tender moments with your little one.

We are private people and we are not sure if we will be comfortable having a stranger with us during such an intimate experience.

Giving birth is a very intimate and private experience and to keep it as such, I like to meet with all interested clients for a little chat to get to know each other a bit so you do not have a stranger walking in on you during labor. It is also the opportunity to discuss what you are looking for from me as your photographer and whether you have some special concerns or wishes. Drawing from my experience as a doula, I know the process of birth and I hope I will be able to be as sensitive to your needs and privacy while capturing unobtrusively your birth story from the “fly-on-the-wall” perspective.

What if things do not go according to a plan and we need a C-section?

Photographing a C-section might be tricky. Many hospitals in the area do not allow photographers in the OR. If your C-section is planned, please talk to your provider about the possibility of having me with you and obtain permission ahead of time. If your cesarean is an emergency and I cannot be there with you, your deposit can be transferred towards a Sweet Beginnings mini newborn session.

Will our pictures appear on your website or on your blog?

No, unless you give me your permission. On occasions, I offer a discount to those who will allow me to post their pictures on my blog and on my web site.  In such cases, I would only post the images you will deem acceptable.

How many pictures can we expect to get?

You can expect between 75 to 100 images, but this can vary depending on each individual birth.  In general I find color in the images to be a distraction and opt for black and white.

When will we receive our pictures?

You can expect to receive your images 3-4 weeks after the delivery.

We do not think Birth Photography is for us. Do you offer other sessions – maternity or newborn?

Yes, I offer a Sweet Beginnings mini session at the place of birth within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life. This session is specifically designed for those who want to capture the first tender moments with their newborn, without the images of labor.

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