Whole Mother Village

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A doula support and childbirth education take on a different shape and form as Sweet Births teams up with other wonderful wise women to provide families with unique and comprehensive services from pregnancy to parenthood.

It takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to grow confident, strong parents. Whole Mother Village a premier birth service matching and referral agency offering local couples with  support, information, education and large variety of services with emphasis  on  building community and connections necessary to  grow your own village and sustain your new life as parents. Our fast growing network of birth professionals strives to provide you with the highest quality services on your journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

If you are pregnant and are looking for starting your parenthood from a peaceful place of trusting yourselves, your knowledge and your instincts, and within a supportive  community where you’re not judged for making your best choices, this is a place to be.

So many of us long for peace of mind and a supportive tribe as we begin motherhood and the first months afterward. Having those things changes everything. But they can be hard to find, especially when everything around you is changing.

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